Sebastian Kopanski

   Teacher, Coach, Trainer, Writer     


Helping parents to transform relationships with their children


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Sebastian is a writer who helps people to regain hope, happiness and harmony.

A published author now, Sebastian started his writing journey to help young people and their families to deal with overwhelming life challenges, e.g. disabilities, bullying, bereavement or mental health issues. In his book “…and Carry On” Sebastian helps the readers to create happiness, confidence and self-love in their lives. Prior to publishing his latest book, Sebastian worked as a teacher, life coach and trainer with young people and their families and teachers for over 20 years. He became a published author when he contributed to a secondary school textbook, which was very well received by teachers and students.

Today Sebastian offers a wide range of programmes and services – from “Meet the Author” events to individual and group coaching, carefully tailored trainings and keynote speeches.

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