Sebastian Kopanski

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Helping parents to transform relationships with their children


I help parents and other adults to transform relationships with young people. For over 20 years I have worked with young people and their parents. I am a parent myself.

All started when I was a teen… I had loving parents, great younger siblings and caring relatives around me. I was doing well at school. And at the same time… I was lonely and anxious. I didn’t understand why I felt so diferent… so uncomfortable with myself. So many times, adults assumed what I was going through, not really listened to me. I envied people who were naturally joyous and happy. I started to hide my real difficult feelings. Sadness and fear were inevitably growing inside me. My parents had no clue… Most of the teachers neither…

Years later, as an adult, I started the journey of healing my emotions. I was fed up with the deep sadness and belief that happiness is for other people, not for me. I made a promise: I will be happy and will radiate with happiness! I thought it would be easy: just married to a beautiful girl, great job and my first child was due in a couple of months.

Well, it soon occurred to me that it would be difficult to keep the promise… Suddenly a disease developed in my body. It left me with a disability which limited my freedom. I had to give up on so many things I had loved doing… I started to rebuild my life again. Happiness was my ultimate goal.

When my daughter was three, her brother was born. I made another promise to myself: I will make my children happy. It seemed to be a very easy task: whatever my parents did and worked for me must be good for my children; and whatever my parents did that didn’t work for me must be avoided. I was so wrong! I quickly noticed that some methods I inherited worked for my daughter but didn’t for my son… or the other way around. It was a time to REALLY start learning…

 Tons of books and articles, trainings, workshops and therapy and counselling sessions and many mistakes… started to pay off. I became a confident parent and teacher. I now understand that adults can learn how to approach young people to EMPOWER them, HELP them to find their own PURPOSE and HAPPINESS in life. The journey is not always easy, but one can learn so much along the way!

I help young people to create FULFILLED and HAPPY lives. In return young people help me to make my life FULFILLED and HAPPY!

I help parents and other adults to transform relationships with teens.

Why don’t we get together to see if and how I can help you on your journey as a parent, teacher or grandparent of teenagers?

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